Mental Health Awareness Week

May 14th saw the start of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, and MediaCom UK ran numerous sessions designed to educate, inspire and help MediaCommers, and to create a safe environment in which to discuss mental health.

Last year, this week included a range of panel discussions, the announcement of new partnerships, and multiple stretch sessions to develop new ways MediaCom could improve their mental health provisions. The week was a fantastic success, and this year we went bigger!

In February, we launched our Mental Health Allies programme. We trained 40 people to provide support for those who need it, when they need it. Whether overwhelmed by a personal problem, anxious about a work situation or experiencing poor mental health of any kind, the allies are here to support you.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 kicked off with the unveiling of our Mental Health Allies wall in the atrium, highlighting each of our amazing allies and giving their contact details. This was the centrepiece for the week, and was a fantastic way to put our selfless volunteers into the spotlight.

Sessions for the week included Maggi Rose from Mental Health at Work talking about stress-busting tactics and debunking some mental health myths. Sleep expert Maryanne Taylor spoke about the sleep issues that many adults encounter and gave some practical advice. For our panel discussion, we had Poorna Bell, Darren Thompson, and the amazing Book of Man in to discuss their own personal experiences with mental health. A returning favourite, Mark Edwards, offered some insights into mental well-being and optimal performance, and the week was rounded off by Sophie Scott and Balance Magazine taking over our atrium and hosting a panel discussion on stress and its impact on our lives.

CEO Josh Krichefski said: “I believe we are making a really positive change here and we know that’s the case because three times the number of people wanted to share their stories this year and we’ve had numerous emails and conversations with people who have said they are now going to seek help. We also had a much better engagement from men this year.”

We would like to thank all those who either helped facilitate sessions, or shared their Mental Health stories. Mental Health is something which will no doubt touch all of us in some way, and simply opening a conversation around this can often achieve much more than you know.


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