MediaCom Engage – The Changing Digital Landscape | Part 2

So last Thursday (26th April) saw the latest in our MediaCom Engage events and another roaring success it was.

About 120 people attended at the always impressive Hawthornden Lecture Theatre in the National Gallery. This time the event was a companion to the last event we did on the changing digital landscape, covering some of the topics that we couldn’t get through last time.

Kicking off our very own David McLean talked people through the 5 Rules for Brand Building in a Digital Age including why “Personas eat demographics for breakfast” and the fact that none of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” are relevant in this context!

Next up Joe Worswick, MD at Media IQ talked about the importance of linking data sets as well as some well required advice around the dreaded GDPR!

After a break for coffee and some strategic networking Ben Phillips, MediaCom Global Head of Mobile took us through “Experiences Over Impressions” and how the new digital behaviours affect what and how we measure the impact of content, he also talked about “Peruvian Mummy Bundles” which I thought would create some sort of legal incident when he first mentioned it but turned out to be a fascinating close to a great presentation.

Finally bringing the whole thing to a close Nicole Amadeo, Mediacom Global Head of Programmatic Creative took us through some of the clever ways that advertising can be made more personalised thereby increasing relevancy and engagement but also how to avoid being creepy (always good advice!).

If you were there I hope you enjoyed it and if not make sure you look out for details of our next event later in the year and if you have any questions or want to see the decks then please get in touch with us.



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