Launch of The Glass Wall Network 2018

On Wednesday 23rd May, MediaCom hosted a launch event for clients to join our exciting new network, ‘The Glass Wall Network’.

The initiative was inspired by the bestselling book: The Glass Wall: Success strategies for women at work and businesses that mean business, written by our Chief Transformation Officer, Sue Unerman and co-author Kathryn Jacob, CEO of Pearl and Dean in 2016.

The purpose of this event and creation of the network was to connect our clients and encourage them to support gender diversity for both themselves and their teams, and to provide an inclusive environment for this moving forward. This will involve industries coming together and harnessing an environment where men and women are equal in the workplace, with no glass wall between them, this will take time but we are determined to make this the reality now and for the future.

The interactive event was held at the MediaCom bar and following an introduction to the session from MediaCom’s UK Managing Director, Claudine Collins the brilliant duo that is Sue and Kathryn, took to the stage. The pair enlightened the audience with highlights and practical advice from their book, sparking conversations surrounding the gender debate and providing insightful advice. There was many an anecdote and laughter most definitely filled the room! Our inspiring speakers spoke about harnessing female empowerment both in and out of the workplace, which did involve some female power poses (initially demonstrated by American social psychologist Amy Cuddy) and fair to say everyone in the room most definitely embraced ‘getting into character!’ The floor then opened to questions from an eager audience and sparked debate.

Amy Ellerker, New Business and Marketing Executive at MediaCom said, “I’m new into this industry – just been in it for 10 months. It’s jaw-dropping to me that there’s still a gender imbalance at the top of businesses. It was invaluable to hear the debate and I was struck by the simplicity of some of the solutions – ideas that I wouldn’t normally have thought of.”

The session proved to be a great success and closed on a high with networking, food and drinks. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients who came along and supported the first event. We look forward to seeing you at future Glass Wall Network events.

If you would like to get involved to help make change happen, then please contact Joanna Andreopoulos.

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