The Superbowl is made for comebacks

Yes this is another Superbowl ad review but it is not a top ten based on creativity nor is it one focused on the best and worst executions or use of celebrity or those that were the funniest, most political or downright weird. Instead it is focussed on the theme of comebacks.

This was a Superbowl for the fans with two teams who were not expected to be there.  The Kansas City Chiefs were in their first for 50 years and the San Francisco 49ers their first since the 90s.  Played at the Hard Rock Stadium Miami it was one for the record books but as always the ads play almost as big a part as the players on the field.  Whether it be Ellen wondering what life was like before Alexa or Jason Momoa showing us what he is really like behind closed doors this is all about how much impact you can make in the short (and expensive) time your brand has.   In fact, the last time the Kansas City Chiefs won a Superbowl in 1970 against the Minnesota Vikings a 30 second ad break cost $78,000, today it is $5.6m.

With the Kansas City chiefs coming back from 10 points down fuelled by their quarterback and MVP Patrick Mahomes I wondered what else made a comeback in the ad breaks.  Here’s what I found.

Bill Murray reprised his role as Weatherman Phil for his first national TV ad alongside Punxsutawney Phil to promote the new Jeep Gladiator.  Apparently you should buy one because it makes the daily grind more interesting.

Staying on the car theme, Uber partnered with Budweiser to bring back the famous Whasssup campaign through the medium of voice-assisted technology.

Planters, on the other hand, built up to their comeback with Mr Peanut sacrificing himself to save Wesley Snipes only to be resurrected as Baby Nut during the Superbowl.  They have come under a lot of fire and Twitter is not too happy with them right now.  Here’s the ad that has divided opinion.

Cheetos which are basically Wotsits played on the 90s nostalgia that is rife at the moment bringing back MC Hammer, his pants and his hit “U Can’t Touch This”.  Watch and enjoy.

Helping you wash down your Cheetos Mountain Dew introduced their new Zero Sugar by giving us a different take on the shining with Brian Cranston in the lead role.  It’s as good as the original (apparently) but different, and very weird.

Quarterback Tom Brady has appeared in the last 3 Super Bowls and made his fourth (indirectly) with Hulu getting him to remind us that he is not going anywhere and they have lots of stuff to watch.

Finally, NFL stars past and present made a comeback for this NFL 100 advert which played just before the start of the game.  A kick return 100 years in the making, you really have to be a fan to sport the NFL stars who made a comeback for this ad.


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