Our internet picks of the week – 7 May ’20

In 1999 the Blair Witch Project reinvented the blockbuster by using ‘found footage’ from home movies to deliver a box office hit on a shoestring budget. 21 years later and we are once again turning to homemade footage as a solution to marketing in a time of lockdown. With smartphones giving everyone the capability to delivery high-quality product, user-generated content is set to dominate the ad landscape in the coming weeks and months. This week we look at three new initiatives which have the public take the wheel.

Aspiring filmmakers have been invited to take part in ITV’s People’s Ad Break with closet Spielberg’s asked to recreate one of five famous ad campaigns. The winners will be chosen by a panel of ITV experts with the winners broadcast on the 23rd May. “Lockdown has inspired so much creativity from households up and down the country and to celebrate that we’ve collaborated with five brands to dedicate a whole ad break to the viewers at home,” Simon Daglish, deputy managing director at ITV Commercial, said.

Ad doppelgangers

Finding something to fill your time with during lockdown is easier than usual thanks to TikTok. Having seen adults finally jump onto the bandwagon, the app challenges you to showcase your bite-size dance skills or share relatable experiences with a humorous twist. Even Celebrities have joined the fun too, from Jennifer Lopez to Mariah Carey and even 82-year-old Jane Fonda. To add to the 800 million existing users, March saw the app downloaded 65 million times taking the number of people with TikTok to just shy of 1 billion.

TikTok, Won’t Stop

The BBC has aired new indents on BBC1 over the weekend to highlight what isolation looks like for the masses. The groups of people who appear on TV before programmes such as The One Show have been replaced by isolation friendly indents such as “isolation disco”, a separated football team, and a montage of cups of tea.

Isolation Indents

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