Our internet picks of the week – 31 July ’20

As we emerge, blinking into the daylight post lockdown, advertisers are having to rethink their strategies in order to be relevant to an audience changed by the last five months.

Whilst it has been a unique time for each of us, common themes run through it and in many ways the experience was shared, even in isolation. This provides an incredible creative opportunity to talk to audiences in a brand new way, yet instantly recognisable way. This week we look at how some advertisers are facing into the new-normal and staying relevant to their target audiences.

Dating is back

Dating app Bumble has just launched a humorous, tongue-in-cheek outdoor campaign showing people how to navigate the dating scene post the COVID-19 lockdown. The creatives feature amusing statements such as “You can tell the grandkids you met when kissing was illegal”. It finds the humour in the challenges we have been facing, delivering an upbeat and highly relevant digital OOH campaign running across the UK.

Find out more about the campaign here.

Creature Discomforts

Aardman have returned to their Creature Comforts series in order to help the Born Free Foundation address the issue of wild animals in captivity. Eschewing their usual Claymation format due to COVID-19 restrictions, the studio has delivered a 2D animation featuring real-life voices against the backdrop of caged animals. In their own, classic style they have managed to link our experiences to those of captive animals around the world – it is simple, emotional and effective.

Find out more here.

Made in the UK

Apple is celebrating UK-based innovations with a campaign starring some of the nation’s top talent, including screenwriter and actor Michaela Coel, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and contemporary artist Grayson Perry. The campaign, “Made in the UK”, follows their lockdown edition and is made up of a series of black-and-white images of the artists at work, all of whom are using MacBook laptops. The film is complemented with an outdoor campaign, which showcases the artists alongside images of their work. There are also 15-second videos with more information about each creative to run on socials.

Read more here.

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