Our internet picks of the week – 3 July ’20

Every sector of business has faced their own, unique lockdown challenges, but each business has had to make the same decision – do you lock down and ride it out or find new ways to engage with your audience?


For many, there have been obvious solutions like growing their online shopping presence or repackaging a restaurant experience into a cook at home one, but for the entertainment sector, there was no easy fix. It is hard to replace bums on seats and wellies in a field with a Zoom call. This week we look at some of the different approaches we have seen to maintain brand awareness and even reinvent the format.

The Glastonbury Experience (minus the mud)

No one could go to Glastonbury this year, but not to worry, the BBC are keeping us in the spirit by making an enormous backlog of past performances available to stream, from Bowie in 2000 to Beyoncé in 2011. Our top picks include Stormzy’s headline set from last year and Dolly Parton’s 2014 Legends slot, but if those don’t float your boat you can listen to a four-hour playlist of Pop Royalty on BBC Sounds or take a look at 5 times that Grime ruled Glastonbury. Just like the festival itself, there is something for everyone.

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Adele, 5 ciders in 👌🏻 and dressed to impress

On the back of Glastonbury’s greatest hits broadcasting Adele to the screen to show a different side of the set they were showing. She revisited it by dressing up in the elaborately embellished gown (apparently, it took 200hrs to create it!) while dancing along to her music at home. Some people thought that the post was signalling a new album release, but unfortunately, we’ll still have to wait a little bit longer for her iconic music!

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5 ciders in 👌🏻

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Where we’re going we need ample parking

Entertainment brand Secret Cinema have gone Back To The Future to ensure they can continue to deliver their familiar mix of cinema and spectacle. Originally patented in 1933 as a solution enable those that couldn’t fit into small theatre seats to access films, Secret Cinema and Haagen Dazs is now bringing them back as a solution to social distancing. To ensure they are able to deliver their product and stay on brand, they are running a drive-in screening of ‘Rush’ at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. With a season of events planned it is clear they are not going to let a global pandemic get in the way of their vision.

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