Our internet picks of the week – 29 May ’20

One thing many of us have been missing during lockdown is the opportunity to nip out for a foot-long, big mac or some finger lickin’ good chicken. The fast food outlets have been closed for what might seem like forever, but worry not!

As the restrictions begin to ease and our favourite fast-food restaurants begin to open again, we’re one step closer to being back together with the thing we love the most.  How these businesses communicate with customers coming out of lockdown is crucial.  Recent studies are showing that many customers will be looking for reassurance from trusted brands.

As the biggest fast-food chain by store numbers, Subway is operating a phased approach tor re-opening.  With over 700 franchised stores now open across the UK customer safety is at the forefront.  We are working with them to promote a buy-one-get-one-free offer through their remote order and pay app.  The focus is on targeting consumers locally and is a key part of building trust, making it easier for customers through contactless payment and supporting social distancing.  You can also get your favourite subs delivered via Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Burger King, never one to shy away from going against the grain, has instead opted to find the humour in the recent pandemic challenges.  In Italy, they have launched the Social Distancing Whopper, with a triple helping or raw onion it is designed to keep others away from you.

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Greggs’ favourite vegan sausage roll – and its meat equivalent – are to make a return next month, after the bakery chain revealed it is to reopen 800 stores across the UK from mid-June. Throughout the gradual phased approach of getting back up and running, Greggs has also announced a new partnership with Just Eat. The food delivery brand wrote a tongue-in-cheek ‘love letter’ directed towards the famous Steak Bake and published it on their Twitter page.

KFC Lovers have been attempting to make their own finger lickin’ good meals at home, some complete with boxes! The Colonel’s secret recipe of blended 11 herbs and spices hasn’t yet been cracked but that hasn’t stopped the masses. To mark the start of their stores reopening, KFC have released a TV ad collating images and videos of at home attempts (some better than others!) set to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” and reassured viewers not to worry, “We’ll Take It From Here”.

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