Our internet picks of the week – 28 Feb ’20

While the UK has made progress in LGBT+ diversity and inclusion, there is still a lot to do. This week we look at some of the brands championing diversity.

“The world is diverse” and “changing really quickly” and “we need to reflect this diversity” because otherwise, brands won’t be able to “communicate effectively”. The media sector ought to be a leader when it comes to championing diversity. No industry is more aware of the power of an image to influence behaviour for commercial gain. We must recognise that diversity in all its forms will lead to greater creativity.

Prompted by a viral tweet concerning the colour of ‘skin tone’ plasters, Tesco has launched its own diverse range of skin tone plasters with a campaign running across press and DOOH. Tesco is the first UK supermarket to launch such a range, which will be available for light, medium and dark skin tones. It’s an important step that reflects diversity of Tesco’s customers and colleagues and hopefully will be replicated by other retailers and supermarkets across the country.

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Sephora offers its own interpretation of beauty in new campaign The Unlimited Power of Beauty. This campaign aims to present a relatable, real and aspirational vision of beauty, exploring changing beauty norms to underscore diversity commitment, telling the story of a woman’s relationship with her reflection throughout her life.

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Since winning Channel 4’s Diversity Fin Advertising Award back in September, Starbucks has garnered praise from the LGBTQ+ community and associated charities. Stonewall’s executive director Sanjay Sood-Smith, said it was “incredibly powerful to see Starbucks coming out for trans equality. Trans people continue to be either seriously underrepresented or misrepresented in the mainstream.” The moving ad brings to life some of the challenges faced by trans people in everyday life, for Starbucks the challenge will now be to ensure that this positive interaction goes beyond the ad campaign.

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