Our internet picks of the week – 26 Mar ’20

While the world is staying at home, there are a few rogue travellers out there who haven’t quite got the message. Brands and organisations alike have started to come up with creative ideas and campaigns to make the work from home situation a little more bearable. From at-home interactive quizzes to poignant ads, there is enough content out there to make sure we all #StayHome.

Whilst IKEA stores have closed in many territories, they have launched a new ad campaign in Spain reminding customers that there is more to their homes than the place they may currently feel trapped in. Instead, it is a safe space, the same place you made a million memories and where you can still feel at home. Who knows, you may decide you want to make some changes so thank goodness you can still order online! (at time of writing…)

I Stay Home

This Friday at 6pm, each BrewDog bar across the UK, US, Germany and Australia will be hosting online meet-ups for locals to meet up and connect in the absence of in real-life spaces. There will be Q&A sessions, online tastings and giveaways. Details will be announced on BrewDog’s social channels. See you there!

BrewDog’s Online Bar

The NHS and its logo is something we all are all acutely aware of, with the white letters on the blue background instantly recognisable. St Luke’s London, an Independent Creative Agency, took the NHS’ logo to urge people to stay home during this pandemic by changing the letters around from NHS to SHN.

SHN: Stay Home Now

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