Our internet picks of the week – 22 May ’20

During this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (18th – 24th May), the Mental Health Foundation is encouraging people to start conversations about mental health and celebrate the thousands of acts of kindness that have never been more important than now.

This week, we’ve looked at how brands and our industry colleagues are stepping up to talk and be honest about mental wellbeing.

As an industry, we spend a great deal of time delivering campaigns that help to reduce the stigma of a whole range of issues, including mental health. We focus so hard on the audience that it can be a shock to realise we ARE the audience. This week Kerry Roper, head of design at Saatchi and Saatchi in London has written a powerful article detailing how he went from being happy and carefree to being crippled by psychotic depression.  It is an honest and open account that we should all take 10 minutes out of our day to read.

Find out how Banana Yazoo saved Kerry Roper’s life here – My Battle with Mental Illness

In a new campaign alongside partner Mental Health UK, Lloyds bank aims to highlight the common mental health issues experienced in lockdown, as well as offer support.  In the spot, people play a game of 20 questions, describing symptoms of anxiety, stress, isolation, guilt and paranoia, helping to destigmatise the struggles which are being faced more than ever in these uncertain times.

Read the article on Campaign By Your Side

The Laura Hyde Foundation, a mental health charity for first-responders, has launched a campaign raising awareness of the mental health crisis on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic.  The ad, which was created pro bono, shows healthcare professionals wearing masks as they talk about their feelings and struggle while caring for patients.  The campaign also includes a ‘virtual mask’ with an inverted rainbow smile, that social media users can place over images to show solidarity with front-line workers.

Read the article here – No Mask for Mental Health

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