Our internet picks of the week – 20 Feb ’20

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a very big part in companies, and for younger generations a deciding factor when selecting the brands to consume. Some of the companies CSR efforts have been running in the background for years, but now it is the time to shout about what they support and believe and be proud promoting it through media.

Hey Girls have teamed up with Big Issue to highlight period poverty in their newest ‘Unsanitary’ campaign. The campaign provokes awareness about the shocking extent of period poverty in the UK. Even though progress is being made, there are still large numbers of people that need to take notice of what so many women and girls are going through. This is Hey Girls’ biggest campaign to date and is being supported by a campaign film, magazine feature, and digital OOH.

What The Cup!

Ecover have created a dramatic campaign to fight fashion  landfill. The campaign which targets the fashion community aims to fight back against fashion waste. In a very powerful way, they bring the shocking statistics about the issue to life. Sitting on a washing machine in full spin, Professor Green makes a moving and very shaky speech.

Fashion Landfill

Unilever has announced that it will no longer market directly to children under the age of 12. This is part of a deluge of measures influenced by rising childhood obesity rates, which pose a serious public health issue. The new rules include avoiding creative made to appeal to children, refraining from buying media for which children under 12 make up more than 25% of the audience, as well as creating a new “Responsibly made for kids” logo to be used to identify products which have been design with consumption by children in mind.

Unilever’s 15 point plan to improve marketing responsibility


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