Our internet picks of the week – 18 May ’20

This week we have been admiring what brands have been doing to lift our spirits and brighten as social distancing continues.

This week Just Eat unveiled a serious upgrade to their (sing it in your head now) “Did somebody say Just Eat” jingle: Snoop Doggy Dogg has jumped on the track. Get delivery like a G, tacos to the chateau, oodles of noodles? This collaboration marks Just Eat’s attempt to connect with a younger, cooler demographic. It was kept on the back burner for several weeks, and after strategic conversations with partners, it was decided that now the nation’s mood is ripe for some Snoop Doggy style delivery jammin’.

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Tiktok has taken over during lockdown with over 65 million downloads of the app during March. Despite already being a popular app, TikTok have just released their first TV ad campaign, “A little brighter inside”. The campaign focuses on uplifting and funny videos as well as different challenges that people have been perfecting over the lockdown period, including some attempts from famous faces like Tom Daly, Little Mix and Gordon Ramsay.

The annual Met Gala – which is often described as the ‘Oscars of fashion’ – was postponed due to Covid-19, and in its place, publishers delivered a live stream to mark the day and promote fundraising for both the institute and the Council of Fashion Designers America’s A Common Thread initiative. “A Moment with the Met” was live-streamed on Vogue’s YouTube channel, and for the first time in its history, anyone could attend! It involved an address from one and only Anna Wintour, a live performance by Florence and the Machine, and a DJ set by Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director.

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Our internet picks of the week – 22 May ’20
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