Three great ads I had nothing to do with

This week Paige Brown was inspired to complete her own version of Campaign’s – ‘Three Great Ads I Had Nothing to do With’. This is my favourite series on the site and every time she reads one it always gets her thinking about what her answers would be.

Now I know I don’t work in a creative agency and I don’t hold a senior role, therefore I don’t fit the typical criteria of a respondent.  I do however fit the profile of a typical consumer, and ultimately that’s who the adverts need to resonate with.  So without further ado, and just for fun, here are three great adverts I had nothing to do with.

John Lewis Home Insurance – Tiny Dancer   

The ad features a little girl dancing like no one’s watching around the house whilst potential disaster almost ensues. I love it because it reminds me of little me, but I also think it hits the nail on the head with John Lewis strapline of ‘If it matters to you, it matters to us.’

Revels – Take a Chance

This ad is a parody/twist on the Russian Roulette scene from The Deer Hunter and features 2 men working their way through a bag of Revels until one of them breaks by getting one they hate. The game eventually ends when someone gets the coffee (which I’ll never understand because it’s the best one). I loved this one because I remember re-enacting it at lunchtime in the playground in school. Despite the ad being 18 years old, it still easily comes to mind and if that doesn’t demonstrate the power of advertising I don’t know what does!

Nationwide – The Crimbo Limbo

This might be one of my favourite Christmas adverts of all time. In 2017 Nationwide enlisted the help of comedy sisters, Flo and Joan, to put together a song which perfectly describes the post-Christmas pre-New Year haze appropriately named ‘The Crimbo Limbo’. I loved this one because I couldn’t stop singing along! Every single time it came on it drew me in again, also it didn’t matter how many times I saw it, I still laughed every time at how accurate it was. In my opinion, this was also a genius idea of Nationwide to wait until the day after Christmas to launch their TV campaign when viewing is high and no one is advertising for gifts any more.

Hopefully, this got you thinking about what your favourite adverts are.  If you’d like to see what others in the series picked, you can catch up here at

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