Our internet picks of the week – 31st Oct ’19

October is not only the season of scary movies and pumpkin-spiced everything, but most importantly it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This week we take a look at CoppaFeel! - a breast cancer awareness charity that have collaborated with a number of big brands to educate, fund life-saving research and encourage people to regularly check their breasts.

For 10 years, breast cancer Charity, CoppaFeel, has been trying to raise awareness of breast cancer in all genders. Their innovative, marketing ploys have seen them start conversations all over the globe and, in 2017 one of their ads was the first to show a female nipple on British daytime TV. It seems surprising then that their biggest stumbling block has been the world of social media where a deluge of regulations has forced CoppaFeel to come up with new ways to get their message across, including a heavy focus on old-school marketing techniques – like talking to people from their Boobmobile!

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Back in July Coppafeel released a Campaign called “Grab life by the boobs” following on from 2017’s “Trust your Touch” which was the first ad to show a female nipple on daytime TV. With “Grab life by the Boobs” Coppafeel got very inclusive, featuring women, men and members of the transgender community, to encourage others to do their regular chest checks, normalising this activity like brushing your teeth would be.

Grab on for life!

In honour of breast cancer awareness month, Vans has released a collection designed in collaboration with CoppaFeel! to educate young people on why checking breasts is so important, not only for women, but for everyone. The designs showcase the beauty and strength of those impacted or touched by breast cancer regardless of their race or status. The collection is available for women, men and children as breast cancer is a disease that impacts everyone.

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