Our internet picks of the week – 29 November 2019

This week on Friday Links, we have a look at the different approaches brands have taken with Black Friday. Will the dynamics of this day change to align with sustainability and get people to make smarter choices? Or are we still looking at making crazy purchases at a much lower cost?

Amazon is hosting a four-day event to showcase hundreds of’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Amazon’s experience will host workshops and activities, such as skincare consultations, Christmas-decoration workshops, Amazon device demonstrations, and food sampling. There will also be an opportunity to see some of the best Prime Video and Amazon Original TV series. To top it all, on Black Friday, British rapper Tinie Tempah will give an intimate evening performance exclusively for Prime members.

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At the beginning of the week, TALA a sustainable activewear start up, founded by one of the best known fitness influencers in the UK, decided to make a very requested announcement regarding Black Friday. Following what they stand for, they have explained that they will not offer any discounts and they will be closed for business on Black Friday. By doing this, they want to encourage people to really think about what their money is supporting, and to educate on waste they will be sharing tips on how to shop smarter whilst still getting what you need and fellow sustainable brands to support!

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BLACK FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT and it isn’t what you think…  Hear us out. As a sustainable start-up, we invest our money in amazing high quality products and paying our staff fairly through every level of our supply chain. Instead of a sale this week (we know, we think we’re crazy too), we’ll be focusing on key issues from the fast fashion industry and the impact of Black Friday to help us all shop more sustainably and make better shopping choices. This is a huge risk, with no immediate reward. We KNOW people want to shop discounted goods on Black Friday and it has the potential to be our biggest season in terms of sales, but something needs to be done. We’re willing to take the hit to make you think twice and hope that you can support our fellow sustainable brands this Black Friday! The fast fashion industry’s business model has a sole purpose of persuading you to buy more. It’s time to get voting with your money. We want to show you and the BIG brands that you don’t need to compromise – you CAN have amazing products that don’t cost the earth and avoid adding to the problems caused by fast fashion and multiplied by Black Friday. If a company can discount all their products by 30% upwards, there’s a reason. If they can still make money with huge discounts, there’s someone (or millions of people), sacrificing their quality of life so you can add another dress to the pile. We will be closed for business on Black Friday, and encourage you to really think about what your money is supporting. We will be sharing tips on how to shop smarter whilst still getting what you need and fellow sustainable brands you can support! Our staff will be getting the day to catch up on sleep and have some well-deserved TLC. So to kick off, we’ll leave you with a few things to think about when browsing the sales this week… A third of people think that Black Friday encourages them to buy things they don’t need 🤦🏼‍♀ @hellohubbub In 2018, Black Friday saw record spending with nearly £5 billion worth of online sales alone 💰  4% of global waste – that’s nearly 84 million tonnes – is generated by the fashion industry (this is the equivalent of 6 million big bens!) ⚖ #SLOWDOWNFASTFASHION

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This year Deciem, an umbrella of beauty brands including The Ordinary, has decided to take a stand against hyper-consumerism and not offer a Black Friday markdown. Instead, they plan to close both their website and physical shops on November 29th, compensating their customers by offering a 23% discount across their products for the whole of November. On Instagram, Deciem defended their decision by saying that they don’t believe Black Friday is an earth or consumer-friendly event. Their post also drew focus to the fact that they “strongly believe skin-care decisions should be based on education rather than impulse, and we want to give our audience the time for research, reflection, and consideration”

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