Our internet picks of the week – 21st Nov ’19

Come all ye Christmas ad faithful. It’s that time of the year again – the festive campaigns are here. Stand back and watch as retailers battle it out for their chance to be in Santa’s sack. We’ve selected some of our favourites of the bunch.

Last year the John Lewis Christmas ad was almost eclipsed when a £50 film called ‘Love is Gift’ that went viral. This week, filmmaker Phil Beastall, released his follow up feature called ‘Made For You’. The film sets out to show that love is love, ‘regardless of gender, ethnicity and society’s expectations’. In the true spirit of Christmas the aim of the film is to encourage people to focus their attention on their loved ones.

Made For You

Ikea is bringing grime to the masses with its new Christmas ad starring a relatively underground grime legend D Double E. The main conceit of the ad is simple: a modern family, sitting in their home being too good-looking and generally inoffensive, when suddenly all kitsch and very un-Ikea ornaments come to life and start rapping about the clapped-out flat. The ad that shouldn’t work at all, in fact, works pretty well breaking through the usual festive superficiality.

Silence The Critics

Not another boring Christmas sandwich. Turkey? Why not jalapeños? Why not even crispy onions? Subway go rogue in this year’s festive ad, bucking the trend with comedy rather than emotional breakdown. No one asked them for a Christmas sandwich. So, they didn’t make one. Instead, you can make the Christmas sandwich you really want.

Diced beetroot?


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