Our internet picks of the week – 20th Sept ’19

This week we have been admiring brands’ efforts to appeal to different age groups, whether that is to tackle loneliness or encourage the consumption of more vegetables.

Cadbury has removed the words from its Dairy Milk bar to encourage us to ‘donate your words’ to combat loneliness in the older generation. As well as the minimalist chocolate bars, Cadburys and VCCP have made a heart wrenching film which shows just how isolation can affect the elderly. For each limited edition bar sold, 30p will go to Age UK in order to help support the 4.5 million people who have felt lonely in later life.

Donate Your Words

As a celebration of Bird Eye’s new TV ad campaign, ‘Eat in Full Colour’, the frozen foods brand has launched a “children-only” pop-up restaurant in London. By serving an array of vegetable-based dishes in a new, bright and child-friendly way, the restaurant will encourage them to add more colour, therefore goodness, to their plates.

End Mealtime Battles

Diet Coke has recently announced a brand new multi-million-pound Campaign called YOU DO YOU, a light-hearted creative that champions the love of mainstream cultural moments and language.  It shows Gladys and Vera, two old ladies, using the dating app ‘Twinge’.

Find out if the campaign was a match!

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