Missing the mark with lazy media targeting

I can’t be the only one getting annoyed with being served creative for products that are just not suited to me (in fact I know I am not, the rise in usage of adblocking software is proof of that). I really thought digital targeting had moved on though.

We all know that people’s life stages are evolving in different ways and I am not your stereotypical female over 40.  I’m single, have no children nor am I planning on having one, so please don’t assume otherwise.  This week alone, I’ve been targeted with some pretty assumptive messaging.  The first was for a school Easter Sports Camp, and the second was for a brand that I used to buy from regularly promoting a t-shirt that had ‘yummy mummy’ in big bold graphics.  If you target me with an assumed stereotypical creative, (which happens nearly every day) you are just going to detract me from your brand and ultimately remove you from consideration.

The point is that it doesn’t have to be this way, the likes of FlashPack have got it spot on, they obviously recognise my life stage and have targeted me accordingly.

Given that there are so many data capture points that can be collected, I’m just surprised by advertisers and agencies who are not taking the time to stop and think.  Why are so many getting the basics so very wrong?  Do they just wait for the campaign to end before they optimise? Are they looking at the data and only seeing the positive? Or are they given the wrong data to start with?

All things considered and despite the fast-moving nature of things in this area, I really wasn’t surprised to read the 2018 Report “How Effective Is Black-Box Digital Consumer Profiling And Audience Delivery?” Evidence from field studies in the report states that digital profiling is often only able to accurately identify a male consumer around 50% of the time.  The only positive is they at least they have my gender correct!! It seems that there is still a long way to go to create truly tailored advertising campaigns on an individual basis and that  1st party data remains king.

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