Last week at MediaCom we spent one day with prospective employees who are finishing school, mid-way through college, coming out of Uni, on a gap year, so the room was a right mix of ages, averaging around 16 – 24, all with one common interest in the industry and company. I am one of the 15 apprentices at MediaCom who was given the task to organise the Insight Day event. I usually stroll into the office early as I am an early riser and a lot more alert at this time, so coming into the office early to get set up and start to greet the attendees as they entered the office, was not a problem. If you know me, you know that I am possibly a little too energetic at this time in the morning and I always give the reception team a loud morning followed by a big wave as I glide through the atrium at quarter past eight every morning.

All the apprentices met downstairs in the bar on Tuesday 5th March, where the event would be taking place. As we awaited the arrival of 60 prospective employees, we were doing last minute checks as a group. Two of us headed up the check in desk, whilst the rest of us took part in ushering the numbers into the bar and making them feel welcome by guiding them towards the croissants and coffee! We soon got cracking and Olivia Griffin, Media Apprentice, was on stage doing her welcome speech and a bit of insight into her journey into MediaCom. James Monks, Apprentice Video Editor, jumped up on stage after this and introduced his “Insight into life at MediaCom” video he made to give some visual meaning to our company. As an icebreaker, Olivia Maiden, Tom Shilling and Tara Harris, all Media Apprentices, followed the video with an interactive quiz on the media world. Whilst the quiz went on, our UK CEO Josh Krichefski arrived for the next part of our day, the official welcome. Josh spoke highly of all the ‘early talent schemes’ MediaCom offers and took some burning questions from the floor.

It was 11:00 am and the stretch sessions were about to begin and its where we take a brief from a client and stretch on any or every idea. It goes by the rule of visualising it, drawing it and describing it. I managed to get a live brief from one of our clients to stretch with the group on the day, which was excellent! Running a session like this with Richard was such a great opportunity for me to exercise my leadership skills and improve on my own skills within planning. Having a large number of people on the day, we split all 60 attendees in half for the two teams to rotate with each other. Half of them were staying for the stretch in the bar and the other half were heading off for two talks upstairs. Richard Beecroft, CID, stretch session on the live brief couldn’t have gone better and everyone in the bar were fully engaged with the task at hand. It is clear that influencers are key right now, seeing nearly every single one of them come up with an idea that involved someone in the public eye! The other group were upstairs receiving a talk from the amazing Holly Carters, Marketing & New Business Executive and Sophie Hughes, Global PA, on our MBA department, followed by a talk from Data & Tech’s Gavin Carpenter, Associate Director of Technology and Lisa Mundy, Head of Data, Technology and Operations, who later told me that a group of people who attended, asked her for work experience (she was delighted). After one hour in either room, they rotated for both sessions to effectively repeat themselves again. By 1pm we came back together and shared lunch, courtesy of Twitter. There were more sandwiches and rolls than you can shake a stick at. During lunch, the Media Owners ploughed in for our ‘Media Owner Fair’ we had organised. The fair was another success during the day. They did a great job with talking to the people in the bar about who they are and what they do with MediaCom to ensure the best outcome for our clients. We had Twitter, Quantcast, Spotify and The Telegraph there and the fair also saw TI Media flipping pancakes for Pancake day and MIQ spinning their wheel of prizes.

After a short break with doughnuts from Zoom Media, myself and Brooke Fenton, Media Apprentice, were preparing ourselves for the panel we had organised with the help of Laurence Nealon and Eleanor Newman. So, after 3 months of planning, our panel included Richard Britton, Digital & Data Partner, Polly Mason, Senior Buyer, Jack Latchford, HR analyst, Bonita Samuels, Social Media Planner and Sam Learmouth, Global Art Director. During the panel, we discussed mental health, what creativity means to them, their journey to where they are now and what they would tell their 18 year old self. We also took questions from the floor, where people asked, “how do I stand out on my assessment day” and another asking “what can I do to get a better understanding of the industry”.

The triumph of a day ended, and as a group of apprentices, we helped tidy the bar as we had truly made a mess. We all went our separate ways and I returned home for pancake flipping and decorating with the family.

Thank you to everyone who helped organise the Insight Day and thank you to anyone who was involved in making the day a success! Most achieving and exciting Tuesday in a long while!

Insight Day 2019 was as important like every year and it puts aside a day in the year to inspire new talent at MediaCom. The day is also a showcase of what we do at MediaCom and for it to be showcased by the people who are actually doing the role, which gives a really accurate, honest insight as to what MediaCom is actually like.

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