Dog Yoga anyone? The best of 2019 April Fools

At a time when so much of our conversation (and media coverage) is dominated by potential division, April Fool’s Day is a much-needed reminder of what we have in common with the rest of Europe.

Whilst there are many theories concerning the roots of the modern incarnation of April Fool’s day (a lot of sources point to Ancient Rome), it seems to be from the sixteenth century onwards that the celebration was attached to the month of April. One of the first written references was from a French poet in 1508 (referring to April Fish which is still used phrase in France & Italy), but since this point some version of Aprils Fools can be found in countries across Europe and beyond; it’s embedded culturally in USA, Canada, Russia and Brazil, to name a few.

Whilst the exact traditions may differ between countries, the basic premise is playing pranks on unsuspecting “fools”; in Scotland we like to do things differently and traditionally April Fools lasted for two days, the second “Tailie Day” involved sticking items (tails or kick me notes) to the behinds of unsuspecting Scots for a jolly jape.

Classics such as the 1957 BBC spaghetti tree or BBC’s Flying Penguins have a special place in the hearts of many, but 2019 also had a raft of pranks to make us chuckle.

Top 2019 April Fools:

  1. The Sun’s 50 “Poo piece” Royal mint emojis:
  2. Lego “Find my brick app”
  3. Google’s “Talk to my Tulip”
  4. BBC iplayer “Skip the Sex”
  5. Costa Coffee, “Cryogenic Taste buds”
  6. The Times, “Drone dog walkers” (paywall)
  7. Webjet Australia, “Brexit Flash sale”

In this world of fake news and at time frankly unbelievable news reports, it can be even more challenging to not get caught out by April Fools. After initially thinking a Facebook ad received by a colleague today for Doga (Dog Yoga) was a prank, with some quick research I realised it’s an established “practice” and am on the lookout for classes near me.

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