What do women know about football?

Or more specifically, based on the truly ridiculous article by Simon Kelner on the iNews website, what do women know about “men’s” football?

Yes, even in 2018 when we are celebrating the anniversary of women getting the vote and working hard to eradicate the gender pay and opportunity gap, it seems that crusty old middle class white men are still given a platform to make complete arses of themselves with poorly constructed and unnecessarily inflammatory arguments.

The piece starts off well highlighting that Eni Aluko who is working with ITV as a pundit has over 100 international caps for England, has played for Chelsea and Juventus and has won “every honour the game has to offer”. All of that is pretty impressive but she also has a first class law degree which means not only does she know a tremendous amount about the beautiful game but (unlike almost every other footballer since the dawn of time) she can express her opinions with a lucidity, vocabulary and grammatical correctness that would bypass most anyone else like Maradona gliding past the England team in 1986.

So far so good until the second half of the article suggests that despite their knowledge (the BBC are using Alex Scott who has 140 international caps), they are representative of tokenism and that the women’s game is so different their opinions are therefore less valid than any of the men!! However the coup de grâce of this article which moves it from the offensive to the offensively stupid is the following quote

“I’m not saying that women’s football isn’t entertaining or relevant, but it’s like getting a netball player to discuss major league basketball”

The jaw dropping wrongness of that statement has left me angry, confused and bereft of hope, and that is before we deal with the question of what the actual f*** is Major League Basketball? (I am assuming its some new mash up between baseball and basketball that is yet to take off here).

Whilst I expect this sort of rhetoric from deliberately incendiary idiots like Kelvin Mackenzie, I find it inexcusable that in this day and age a “legitimate journalist” (and I use that title lightly based on the piece in question) on a mainstream news site is given a platform for this sort of nonsense.

Right, enough ranting I need to get things done so I can watch Germany v South Korea later.

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