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This month we are awash with colour in celebration of LGBT Pride Month and, 50 years on from the Stonewall Riots, Pride still matters.

Each year sceptics complain about corporations jumping on the LGBT bandwagon, bemoaning the use of the rainbow flag purely to make a profit. And they are right, motivations can, and should, be challenged, but imagine walking with those original 200 protesters down a modern Pride Parade – streets lined with people, rainbow flags flying from flagpoles, shining through shop windows, being waved down the street by the LGBT community, their friends and families, allies, our emergency services, local and national businesses – they would see that their actions that night in June 1969 changed everything. In celebration of Pride, this week we are looking at some the different ways brands are showing theirs.

US airline Jet Blue have teamed up with VH1 television programme and cultural phenomenon RuPaul’s Drag Race to celebrate LGBTQ Pride Month. Jet Blue have created the ‘Shantay Blue Stay’ plane along with a video starring Drag Race winners Bob the Drag Queen and Trixie Mattel, who promote a variety of selling points such as free snacks and plentiful leg room. With research showing that the LGBTQ community is interested in travel but underrepresented in tourism marketing, Jet Blue is tapping into a market of consumers flying into New York for World Pride festivities, as well as swathes of Drag Race fans the world over.

Shantay Blue Stay

 In May Johnson & Johnson were announced as the winners of the British LGBT Award for Best Brand or Marketing Campaign for their Pride Stories campaign with Spotify. The LGBT Awards also released their shortlisted Top 10 so, in the spirit of inclusion, we salute all of the brands that showed their Pride.

And the winner is…

Last year Verizon launches an emotional campaign featuring people coming out to their loved ones over the phone. This year they have revisited their highly successful campaign by giving the people on the other end of the call the chance to say the things they wish they had said in the moment. Verizon has a substantial track record of supporting LGBT causes which lends an authenticity to their campaign, a vital element when reaching out to any marginalised community.

LGBT phone home 

These days no Pride is complete without a proper celebration afterwards, so what better thing to drink than new Gay Beer?! Originally designed as a conversation starter by two men in New York, Gay Beer is an “easy-drinking golden lager made with a unique combination of malt grains and German hops”. Their first ad campaign has just been launched and features a very familiar scene designed to show that relationships are often very similar, regardless of whom you love. Gay Beer is also the brand partner of WorldPride so why not grab a can, pop the tab and celebrate!

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Our internet picks of the week