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This week we look back on the highlights of ITV’s summer staple Love Island, which has once again come and gone, with its final drawing in 4 million viewers. But fear not, Winter Love Island will be on your screens in January 2020, no need for your head be turned by another programme!

It turns out that US writer/actress/director Lena Dunham is a big fan of Love Island. The Girls star wrote a 3,000 word essay for the Guardian all about her love for the show (and of Wales where she is currently living). She describes how she discovered the ‘cultural touchpoint’ that is Love Island, her impression of the format and drama (she describes the re-coupling ceremony as a ‘dark ritual’) and how it helped mend her broken heart:  ‘I was busy listening to every murmur, the particularities of these regional accents, the smack of lips under duvet covers. The pop music may blare, but this is nothing if not a show of quiet human moments, where the real drama is in what they don’t say as they wash their bronzer off for bed and change into their night-time thongs.’

Lena Dunham’s love of Love Island!

ITV and ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have very kindly put together a “cheat sheet” to make new Influencers (coming from popular TV shows like Love Island) life’s much easier – Some of them were hoping this survival kit was going to give them tips on how to get more followers, higher engagement rates and exciting brand deals,  but the main purpose is to stop them from falling foul of a regulatory investigation. I wish I could get cheat sheets to make my life easier!

MESSAGE! – ITV and ASA create “Influencer Survival Kit” for Love Island

Love Island comes under fire every year for perpetuating stereotypes (last year’s firemen challenge was accused of putting women off joining the profession), and its lack of body diversity (with the near-total of all contestants ever looking eerily like one another). However, beloved contestant Ovie Soko’s presence on the show has served to dismantle stereotypes of young black men often perpetuated in the media. Ovie’s compassionate, kind and graceful personality made waves on the show, from crying when friend George was evicted to breaking into random dance moves when alone in the bedroom. Black men are often portrayed as being quicker to get angry and violent, and whether you love or loathe it, Love Island 2019 has been a platform for this unfair portrayal to be challenged.

Ovie proves that young black men are not who we think they are

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