MediaCom Edinburgh GoGreen Day

When the Managing Director, David Shearer suggested we plan a corporate volunteering day, I jumped at the chance at getting something organised. It was a chance for us to make a positive impact on the community, it would be a great team building exercise and it would be nice to escape from the office for a few hours.

After discussions with the very helpful Community Projects Officer Esperanza at Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust (ELGT), we agreed on a date and I put a reminder in staff’s calendars. Most colleagues were happy and excited with the plans, however there were a few grumps and moans; “do we have to do it?”, “what if it’s raining?”, “I’m too busy to have time away from the office”.

Nonetheless, on Wednesday morning, a 29 strong team donned their wellies (even though the sun was shining) and headed to our local cyclepath to partake in various activities. We pruned the overgrown bushes by the access paths, crown lifted trees, pulled up invasive species to allow our native plants to grow in its place and picked up litter. And what a great experience it was! I really felt like I was giving something back to the community plus I learned what a looper was AND how to use it.

And going by the feedback from my workies, they had a blast too; “This morning was really good fun”, “It was a really enjoyable experience”, “it was great to get out of the office and spend time together in a different setting”, “Can we do it every year?”

So, onwards and upwards – I’ll be planning another GoGreen Day for 2019!


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