Kerry King – Three Months In…

It is imperative as part of my role of Head of Investment, to ensure that relationships with our key suppliers and stakeholders are continuously strengthening.

We want to be working as trusted partners, enabling us to create the most innovative and effective campaigns for our clients. Building and maintaining these strong relationships is at the core of this.

At the beginning of February, we invited over 100 media owners into the agency to demonstrate what MediaCom: The Content & Connections agency really stood for.  It was unprecedented that an agency had openly invited all their suppliers in before to introduce how each department operates and how we all work together in the connected media landscape. The feedback has been fantastic – we really demonstrated that we were a team and that we were passionate about what we do. It was very informative albeit for some a bit scary, as the media world has moved on so much with one media owner even describing it as a ‘new found respect’ for agency personnel. For some, they really had no comprehension of the complexity of the work that we do for our clients, the volume of data and information that we process on a daily basis and the passion and drive each and every one of us put into every single campaign in order to guide our clients through the vast number of media channels, influencers and social media choices to make the right decisions for their businesses.

If I think back to the mid-nineties when I started out as a Planner/Buyer, there were four TV channels, newspapers were in black and white, The Sun had a daily circulation of 4.3m (compared to 1.2m today), schedules were done on typewriters, car phones were just about main stream, there was no email and I had to go to London to put bookings on DDS! As agency planners and buyers, we have had to keep one step ahead of advancements in technology and the adoption of emerging media channels. We must make every effort to embrace change. It is inevitable – whether it’s in our career, relationships, or family life.

As a result of the rapidly changing media landscape and the nature of agency life as a whole, I learned very early on that change is the start of a new chapter and the beginning of something fresh and exciting. I took the same approach when making the decision last Easter to move to MediaCom. Naturally, there were times when I was apprehensive and questioned my ability, especially the expectations of performing in a brand new role, managing a team through continuous change and constantly searching for ways to improve and ensure we stood out. Not to mention settling in to be a part of a wider team. But life is not to be wasted and facing your fears makes you free to achieve your goals. I can honestly say that I totally embrace change, I am excited to be part of the MediaCom team and look forward to steering the Investment Team through whatever comes next.

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