IPA Advertising Unlocked day at MediaCom 2018

MediaCom once again took part in the IPA's AdUnlocked day, opening up our doors to school leavers with an interest in the industry.

Last month was the IPA’s Advertising Unlocked day; when companies across the industry open their doors to school and college leavers to give them a little taste of what media is all about. It’s not unheard of to hear individuals in the industry who admit that when they started out, they had no idea what media was all about. For us, this was a key goal of the day; to give a really good demonstration of what we do here, and how to initiate a career in it.

In this spirit, we started our day with the MediaCom 3 Minute Jam. The Jam features leads from departments across the agency, explaining in just three minutes who they are and what they do. This was a valuable session for our guests, not only because it gave them an idea of what we can do here, but also offered them a chance to consider where their strengths might fit best. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a jam without breakfast, and our guests certainly had an appetite!

After the jam, our guests were split into two groups. While one group was plunged straight into planning for a stretch, responding to a brief on How to Train your Dragon, the other group were given an introduction to investment, complete with an interactive quiz.

After having a little taste of what many of us do each day, everyone regrouped in the bar to hear our CEO, Josh, MD, Claudine and CTO, Sue grilled by the wonderful Sacha Owusu, a former exec. It was a genuinely enjoyable hour, not only for the guests but for us organisers as well. Through their frankness about their experiences and their generosity in sharing their advice, the panel had everyone gripped, and reluctant to leave at the end of the hour.

Before our guests were refuelled with lunch, they were whisked back to experience the respective planning or buying sessions that they hadn’t yet been involved in.

Our wonderful friends at Snapchat helped to make lunch a very happy affair; they brought stacks of pizza, and a demonstration on how to build your own lens. The enthusiasm of onlookers spoke for itself!

Finally, the day wrapped up with a career panel, featuring Mike Carter, Lashantay Richards, Ashley Ogunremi, and Jack Latchford, all of whom had started their media careers at MediaCom. The panel offered the perfect opportunity for participants to ask questions on what it’s like to work here, their journey to where they are now and how they got into MediaCom. For school and college leavers, this was a perfect chance to ask direct questions to people who remember being in their position.

A massive thanks to all those who came to MediaCom for the day, to all those who gave their time up to run sessions or speak on panels  and, of course, the lunchtime heroes, Snapchat.

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