Are we forgetting? The brands helping us to remember during this centenary year

Growing up in a military family Iain Hardie has worn his poppy with pride every November. Iain asks if we really are forgetting and highlights some of the brands embracing this important milestone.

Lest we forget.  A turn of phrase that is heard aloud in remembrance services and parades around the world at this time of year.  Alongside the poppy these are symbols that embody the ultimate sacrifice.  I may have a blinkered view of this but I really do appreciate the value of the poppy and what it represents.  Growing up living in army quarters from Northern Ireland to Germany you become acutely aware of its significance.  Especially when you end up at a military boarding school in Dover and you are part of an annual parade attended by Old Boys and Girls.  I wear my poppy with pride, but some choose not to wear one, and that’s ok.  Their sacrifice gave us the right to choose.  It has a lasting impact on families and friends but one thing I have learned is that it is also a celebration.  A chance for people to get together, yes the mood can be sombre, but ultimately it becomes a celebration of life.

With that in mind I wanted to showcase some of the brands celebrating this important milestone and reminding us why we should “remember them”.  They have collaborated with the custodians of the poppy, the Royal British Legion, to create something unique.  Raising awareness but also some important funds for the charity.

Cadbury’s Centenary Chocolate

The 194 year old confectioner Cadbury’s will be marking the centenary with a dairy milk chocolate bar.  The 360g bar bears the same wrapper design as the ones sold during the war, however this time they are adorned with Poppies.

An exclusive collection of poppies from M&S

M&S have played a big part in changing the way we wear a poppy.  The selection available ranges from small pins and large brooches to watches and ties.  All in all these have helped the legion to raise over £6m since the start of their partnership in 2009.

Football clubs across the country just want to say ‘Thank you’

Last year the FA and SFA stood up to FIFA who tried to ban the national teams and clubs from wearing shirts with the poppy.  This year the majority (remember it is all about choice) of premier league players will take to the pitch this weekend and next with poppies embroidered on their strip.  Referees will also be tossing a commemorative coin at the start of each game.   This year the special edition match worn shirts will be signed and made available for auction on eBay.  Some clubs have also created limited edition poppy pins for fans to purchase at the ground or online.  All of these raise important funds for the charity.

There are many more collaborations that are all showcased on the British Legion website including Sainsbury’s, Sky Bet, eBay, PayPal and Rotary.  Discover more here.

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