Why I Will Never Stop Watching TV

So when people ask me why I watch so much TV, I lie (partly) pretending that it is a big part of my job, which to be fair it is …in a way…I mean I do look much more credible when talking to clients if I’ve watched some of the TV programmes I am going on about! But that’s not the real reason I watch so much TV. The simple fact is I do it because I love it, I do, I can’t help it.

Now you might think it has a lot to do with the fact I am a forty-something woman with 2 young kids, living in the middle of nowhere and again this is definitely a contributory factor but it is more of a good excuse than the reason why.  I love watching TV because it brings out so many emotions of every kind and gradation.

TV programmes make me laugh, cry, cringe, shout…how many other media make you feel like this on a weekly basis? I challenge any of you not to cry watching DIY SOS or Long Lost family….

It is not a selfish experience either, mostly I watch TV with my kids or my husband, and we share these moments and feelings.

Lately I have just finished Tin Star on Sky Atlantic, all downloaded on day one, (it runs for 10 weeks) and all watched within 3 days, gripping thriller, great acting, the kind of show that makes me love TV. And whilst I question the decision from a commercial point of view from Sky to put all their best shows on catch up so we can’t advertise in it, I must guiltily admit to having enjoyed the experience of binge watching without the ads!

On a different level I have just spent the last few weeks watching Friends all over again, right from the very first episode because my daughter loves it. And we laugh, daily, we laugh and I remember the first time I watched it and I am nostalgic and amazed that I am still laughing 20 years later…

And then on Saturday morning as my son was crying his eyes out before having to go to swimming lessons (again), Mike Garry in the Nationwide ad couldn’t have picked a better time to say: “like that first swimming lesson when you were 4, you’re going to be fine” . Priceless (although for the record he still cried for the first 15 minutes of the lesson).

So what is my point? I have heard for years that TV is going down the drains and that TV, as a medium must be replaced. There are many new things out there, and we must move with the times but like most people in the UK, I still watch just under 4 hours of TV a day (2.5 hours on commercial TV is the UK average) …and I still see ads. Loads of them.

So that big screen in your living room isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but we must find cleverer ways to use it like addressable TV, and complement it using all the video on demand offers out there.

The media world is changing consistently but the power of that TV screen hasn’t changed that much in the 17 years I have done the job…

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