Twitters New Feature Allows Airbnb To Share Live Local Experiences

There is a theory that we have reached peak “stuff” and that more and more people are now valuing experience over material possessions. A recent study by research firm Canvas 8 found that 57% of people now believe experiences will make them happier than things. Not only do experiences make for excellent memories, people also love to share their experience on social media.

Twitter announced its 360-degree live-streaming feature at the end of 2016 with Airbnb one of the first brands to experiment with this service in 2017.

Twitter’s 360-degree video function is linked to the real-time video app Periscope, and while all Twitter and Periscope users can watch the streams only a few companies/users will be able to broadcast until the feature is rolled out more widely.

Airbnb’s marketing campaign ‘don’t go there, live there’ sought to associate the brand with the meaningful connections with people and places that travel provides.  Live 360° video is a perfect way for Airbnb to bring experiences to life for holidaymakers. In addition to offering accommodation, Airbnb now offers ‘experiences’, where travelers can, instead of just staying in someone’s home, meet the hosts who provide them with the opportunity to do something different which can range from anything such as a cycling tour of the area to a DJ lesson in their front room.

Airbnb used the new twitter function to promote this by inviting followers to discover new experiences in 3 locations across the world, from cooking a Cameroonian feast with Airbnb host Carine in London, to a tour of an amazing home in Hawaii and being shown the secret hot spots in Detroit.

It seems peoples love of looking around someone else’s house shows no signs of abating as the 360° video from Kauai in Hawaii has been most watched with over 3.6 million views :

29% of 25-34s holidaymakers have now watched an interactive 360-degree video about a holiday destination or service. Facebook & YouTube also offer 360° video’s but it’s an interesting area to see how brands will begin to use these video opportunities within campaigns, particularly within the travel sector.

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