Red Nose Day: How Big Brands Do It

After experiencing a really nice day at work last Friday where me and my colleagues enjoyed a good laugh, I was inspired to talk a bit about the Red Nose Day and how MediaCom in Edinburgh, but also some big FMCG brands, supported this wonderful fundraising campaign, which aims to tackle poverty and social injustice in the UK and across the world.

When I was advised to wear something red in support of the Red Nose Day, I have to admit that I didn’t know lots of details for the purpose of the campaign, and for what we, as MediaCom, would do apart from donating money for a philanthropic purpose. Red Nose is one of the oldest and most popular events since its creation in 1988 aiming to raise funds through comedy.

In true spirit of the day in MediaCom we enjoyed the day as much as we could through different activities such as posting funny pictures on social media wearing our red noses (@MediaCom_EDI); playing guessing games with the chance of winning a jar full of Maltesers and sharing jokes to enter prize competitions. At the end of the day we had a great laugh and managed to raise a significant amount of money.

Working in a media agency always sparks my curiosity to learn more about how different well-known brands use media to support their marketing activities and in this case specifically how they helped Comic Relief in their admirable effort. Since people use social media increasingly more, as a way of communicating their thoughts, ideas and actions, big brands prefer engaging people’s interest through Social Media Platforms to raise money for charity. More specifically, Maltesers launched the #bakeamillion campaign with the name “Any cake, any shape”, where consumers had to upload a picture of their bake no matter how good or bad it was. For every photo uploaded, the brand had promised to donate £5 towards their £1m total donation to support the activity. Also, the PG Tips tea brand used Facebook Messenger to motivate people to send a message @MostFamousMonkey Facebook Messenger account and get their joke from the famous monkey (mascot of PG Tips brand). Sainsbury’s also used Facebook to run a 360 video campaign in which people had to spot 10 hidden red noses in 60 seconds as part of their fundraising activity.

From my perspective, it’s very encouraging and inspiring to realise that there are many people and companies who actively support vulnerable social groups. Big brands and companies can be great influencers in changing people’s awareness and attitude towards fundraising activities.

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