October 2017 – Green Team Monthly Update

The Green Team at MediaCom are here to keep you updated regarding all things Green in and outside of the agency.

As some of you may be aware, we kicked off ouonitor audit and a trip to Uganda with CO2 Balance in September!You can read more about it here and here. We have plenty more coming up so stay tuned!

What’s happening at MediaCom?

In October, our focus was on electricity. We conducted an initial audit and the Green Team found that over 30% of monitors in the building had been switched off. In the second round, 48% were switched off. We want this upward trend to continue!

You can help by turning off your monitor every night before you leave and whenever it won’t be in use for over 20 minutes e.g. lunch time or when you go to meetings. You can also reduce laptop sleep mode time from 30 to 20 minutes (to do this, go to Settings, System, Power & Sleep.) It’s also important to monitor your at-home behaviours. Make sure the TV gets turned off every night!

October Challenge of the month

In October, ten of the Managing Partners took up the challenge of only using reusable water bottles for a week. Here’s what they said about their experience:

  • ‘I’m lazy so it meant I drank less most days! I don’t have a water bottle so re-used cups. I felt good about doing it and it wasn’t too difficult’- Phil Hall, CCSO
  • ‘I learnt that it’s cool to go into a coffee shop and ask them to put coffee in your own cup. No one batted an eyelid. Everyone should have a go.’- Tom Curtis, Head of MBA
  • ‘It’s easy, you just need to invest in the right bottle!’- Sonya Arthur, Head of TED
  • ‘Make the challenge harder’- Danny Donovan, Joint MD

Next month we will be focusing on plastics. Watch this space!

Green Inspiration
Did you know that in the Pacific Ocean there is an area of household waste the size of France? This country-sized challenge has been taken on by LADBible and The Plastic Oceans Foundation who set up a petition to the UN in a bid to recognise this area as a country called The Trash Isles. If enough people sign this, it will force the UN to take responsibility for an area of waste that they are currently doing nothing to remedy.

Judy Dench has already signed up to be the Queen of The Trash Isles and Mo Farah, Ross Kemp and Al Gore have already signed up to be honorary citizens! You can also show your support and sign up as a citizen as the country can only be recognised if it has a population. Sign up here!

The Green Bulletin – What’s happening around the world?
·        The WWF is concerned that poor management post-Brexit could result in over-fishing

·        Newly formed Apparel Impact Institute to help lessen clothing’s impact on the environment

·        Why is London’s air so toxic?

·        Could biofuels made from algae help transform how we power automobiles and jets in the future while also lowering CO2 emissions?

·        Sea levels to rise 1.3m unless coal power ends by 2050, report says

·        Visit the new no-waste cocktail bar and restaurant in Hoxton!


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