Mediacom Leeds celebrate all things Yorkshire, with a photo competition

Mediacom Leeds celebrate all things Yorkshire, with a photo competition

We weren’t all born here but we’ve all adopted it as our home and workplace. Our office itself is part of Leeds’ industrial history, a former flax spinning mill which dates back to the 1790s (which was recently host to a Hallowe’en ghost walk!)

As well as giving some fantastic things to the world (Yorkshire puddings, Yorkshire tea, the first lighthouse, jelly tots, cats eyes and the first motion picture to name but a few), it was home to some of the creative greats like the Bronte sisters, Henry Moore, Dame Barbara Hepworth, Alan Bennett, David Hockney…I could go on.

So what better way to celebrate Yorkshire than to have a photography competition, where the more creative among us took photos to show what living in Yorkshire and working at MediaCom Leeds means to them.

With quite an open brief there was a broad range of entries showing the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside, gritty city scenes, examples of the world famous friendly Yorkshire culture or just what people like to do best in our diverse city and county.

Our Managing Partner in Leeds, Danielle Bateman, was given the arduous task of choosing the winner. So spoilt for choice, she broke all the rules and chose two winners – unbeknown to her they were taken by the same person, our Associate Director in Investment, Chris Quinn. Well done, Chris!

A winner because it beautifully captures a moment in time. It’s evocative and full of energy. You’re instantly transported to that crowd, to that moment, and you want to find out more about the story. It captures the light beautifully and for me, captures the cultural energy of Yorkshire and Leeds in a very subtle way. Ultimately, it has real impact as a photograph.

This photo was chosen because it beautifully captures Yorkshire and could not be anywhere else. Magnificent rolling hills, river valleys and brooding backdrop. Really nice composition and light too.

Our lovely Yorkshire photographs are up around the Leeds office.

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