Is finding a job like dating?

Is looking for a job like looking for love? Google’s Nik Zakrasek thinks so. As product manager for Google for Jobs he said recently “Finding a job is like dating. Each person has a unique set of preferences and it only takes one person to fill this job.”

If he’s right he must be an expert in dating – Google reportedly receives up to 75,000 applications each week and he managed to bag himself a pretty hot job.

But is looking for a job really like looking for a love match? I suppose in some ways it is.

1. It’s emotional

Changing jobs involves feelings. No one is going to give up their job and apply for a new one on a whim. They need to have chemistry with the company.

And if it doesn’t work out then you’re left feeling a bit down, but if it does then you feel pretty great. Just like dating.

2. It’s a big decision

Ok, some people might not look at dating like a big decision (just look at Love Island) but for those of us looking for THE ONE it is.

You need to be picky, but not too picky. No person is 100% perfect and no employer is either so you need to go into your job search with a fairly open mind.

3. It’s about knowing what’s right for you

You might want to work for that big sexy brand but are you a match?

It’s now reportedly harder to get a job in an Apple store than to get into Harvard. But how many people truly want to work in a shop and how many will end up in a job that they don’t really want, just to work for the brand?

4. It’s about selling yourself

As a candidate in a competitive marketplace you need to make your potential employer want more. The CV should make them want to meet you and the interview should make them want to see you again.

Very similar to dating, right?

5. It’s getting easier

At least in the initial stages. Job boards have put job searches at our fingertips just as dating apps have made flicking left or right the key to finding a new mate. Many new job boards have made the claim to be ‘Tinder for jobs’, including Selfie Jobs, Jobr and Emjoyment. But have you heard of them? Perhaps they haven’t been successful because job hunting shouldn’t be like dating in that sense.

Does easy access to so much choice actually make it harder to make the right decision? Are we missing the right one because it’s not being presented to us?

Perhaps you’re more likely to find your soul mate within your extended friendship group than on an app. And similarly you could find your perfect job through reputation and recommendation – or they could even find you.

Like the dating industry, the UK recruitment industry has changed massively in the past couple of decades, the growth of the internet and the recession being instrumental factors. Companies have had to work hard to build their employer brands internally and externally to attract and retain the right people for them.

Of course, the next big thing in recruitment is set to be Google for Jobs, which launched in the US this week.

Like dating apps aim to match people, Google for Jobs wants to “better connect employers and job seekers,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

With the UK launch date yet to be announced we’re still to see how it will change the way we search for jobs. But while it will certainly use all the tech available to make it easier to find relevant jobs, will it help people to find the single right match for them?

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