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In Greece, a chocolate brand is exploring how love is the key difference between humans and AI; KitKat made their chocolate a circuit breaker to encourage people to ‘take a break’ from electricity for Earth Hour, and Google recently worked with target to launch the first ever voice-activated coupon!

A Greek chocolate brand took ‘branded content’ into a whole new area with a science fiction film about robots becoming conscious!

  • In Greece, Lacta choloclate has become synonymous with Valentine’s day
  • Earlier this year, the brand took this cultural connection even further and made the full-length film ‘the taste of love’, a science fiction story about a robot-wife that is upgraded to have emotions and soon asks her owner what love is!
  • The message of the film is that “without love, life is tasteless”
  • The trailer makes the film look fascinating and quite risqué – kind of like a raunchy sequel to ‘Her’, the Spike Jonze film about a lovable AI assistant

KitKat teamed up with Earth Hour to make their chocolate into a ‘circuit breaker’ for London Bridge

Target and Google teamed up for the first ever voice activated coupon

The bicycle – turning the wheels of change
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