Our favourite picks from the internet this week.

Cindy Gallop has issued a powerful call to arms to marketers to name predators like Harvey Weinstein, in a bid to clean up the marketing world. Kit Kat’s short Halloween ad is an unconventional and funny take on the zombie story and Ikea have taken a chance with extremely long pre-roll ads that people have actually chosen to watch.

In the wake of the Weinstein scandal, Cindy Gallop urges marketers to name and shame abusers

  • Mark Ritson praises the campaign in his column: although he doesn’t want to think that the world of marketing could be as bad as Hollywood, his overwhelming feeling is that the statistics about marketers experiencing sexual harassment are too strong to ignore

Ikea jumps on the ‘Slow TV’ band wagon with incredibly long pre-roll ads about ordinary life

  • Rather than being boring, the five minute ads are weirdly gripping
  • The mesmerizingly slow pace was a big success: The target audience watched for an average of 3 minutes and 39% watched an ad all the way through

Kit Kat’s Halloween ad takes a break from clichés

  • In its latest short, Kit Kat finds a way to make their chocolate the star of a Zombie story
  • It’s a funny approach suggesting that a Kit kat is so delicious that even the undead would fight for one
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