Our favourite picks from the internet this week.

Although we’re still quite far from December, this week’s collection of links is mostly Christmassy! But we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Coca-Cola’s new ‘female driver’ campaign in Saudi Arabia and the predictable backlash for co-opting a women’s rights issue with a gimmicky ad.

Coca-Cola has created an advert about Saudia Arabia lifting the ban on women driving

Greggs has upset people by replacing Baby Jesus with a sausage roll in ads for its new advent calendar

  • Critics complain that the ad is insensitive to replace the Jewish infant saviour with a pork sausage
  • The whole idea of a Gregg’s advent calendar sounds like a ridiculous novelty, so it’s not surprising the brand would take a jokey tone. However, this faux-pas has gone down like a pork chop in a synagogue (as Australians would say).
  • This controversy could be seen to highlight just how much the ‘true spirit of Christmas’ has gone by the wayside, with most people celebrating gifts and seasonal food rather than the ‘Christian values’ spread by the Jewish Saviour.

John Lewis’ Christmas advert is out and is a little underwhelming compared to previous offerings


TK Maxx is launched a Christmas competition to deliver snow to customers’ homes

Man Your Local – raising awareness of male suicide in the UK in association with CALM
Thinking Slow To Move Fast