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Here at MediaCom Edinburgh, we were all treated to Sweetheart’s Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s day, and the latest reports show that the message-bearing sweeties are now the #1 Valentine gift! In the spirit of February 14th, this week’s Friday links focus on the modern response to the holiday, highlighting how brands can generate the right kind of buzz with a socially responsible approach to the holiday!

Sweethearts are now the most popular Valentine’s day gift in America

  • Heart shaped boxes of chocolate are still popular, but have lost the top spot
  • This short history of the sweets acknowledges that “eating them is not the point”
  • The messages are updated to stay relevant, and Emojis are the most recent addition

A London creative duo made #MeToo themed ‘Consensual greetings’ cards for a ‘Save Valentines’ campaign

  • Although the Huffington post took exception to the cards, the creators responded that the cards are not meant to be ironic
  • The work is inspired by an attempt to ‘Save Valentines’ by asking “How does a #MeToo-conscious human proceed?”

Donations from sales of the cards go to Safeline, a U.K. sexual abuse prevention charity

#LoveBetter is a pop up Valentine’s story shining a spotlight on the common abusive behaviours

  • The campaign is driven by the insight that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experience abusive behaviours in their lifetime – making abusive relationships almost normal
  • The apparently lovey-dovey gifts include a talking ‘mood swing’ teddy bear who says terrible things then tries to take them back and a pendant with a GPS chip to track a partner’s movements
  • The pop up shop’s approach of taking abusive behaviour out of contest makes it obvious that treating another person this way is not loving, helping people recognise red flags of abuse


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