IAB: Video Conference 2017 – London

With online video gaining ever more traction, the IAB Video Conference examined the way we think about video as a medium and how we can use it to gain consumer attention more successfully.

According to PWC’s Digital Adspend Study H1 2017, online video now has a 35% share of all digital display activity, overtaking banner ads (34%). Within that, mobile video grew 103% year-on-year, as part of a major expansion of investment in all mobile formats.

Consequently, it’s essential that we adopt best practice; speakers at this year’s IAB: Video Conference identified four key-learning points for brands.

Evolution of Video

Views and reach are dead. To truly measure success, the key metrics are engagement and affinity, according to ThinkJam.

It has been argued that consumers today have low attention spans, making life harder for advertisers. But is this always the case?

  • People’s expectations increase as technology improves.
  • More competition for eyes; increased availability and avenues whereby content is accessed.
  • Constant multi-screening i.e. browsing mobile whilst watching TV.
  • Consumers are more time-conscious and unwilling to waste time on things that don’t interest them.
  • Increased FOMO (fear of missing out); consumers constantly plugged into all outlets

Attention & Effectiveness

Google outlined four drivers contributing to ad attention:

  • Viewability & Audibility – when a video is both viewable and audible, ad recall, brand awareness and consideration all increase significantly when compared to ads that are either only audible or only viewable.
  • Relevance – adverts contextually matched with content perform better than those that are not.
  • Creative – is it engaging? Decisions to continue watching a video are made extremely quickly.
  • Incoming attention – taking note of how people are feeling/ how much they value a video before the ad is served will help advertisers increase dwell time.

Reshaping Marketing One Video at a Time

Facebook identified three behaviours or arenas where mobile video is consumed:

  • On-the-go – 70% of FB mobile video views are consumed on-the-go e.g. on the train.
  • Lean forward – 20% of Facebook mobile video views are consumed and shared within social environments.
  • Lean back – 10% of FB mobile video views are consumed alone; searching for something in particular or during some down time.

Facebook suggest that ad recall (+57%), brand awareness (+103%) and purchase consideration (+64%) increase the longer the viewer watches a video ad (10s vs 3s).

Mobile Video in the era of data and automation

A Widespace study concluded that 15-second videos are watched until the end 3.4x more than longer videos. Video effectiveness relies on: the story, content, brand and reaction – brands have to cram all that into 15 seconds.

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