Happy 1st Birthday Smart Works Birmingham

Smart Works Birmingham has helped more than 280 women get back into work is celebrating its first anniversary at our office in Birmingham. Since opening in the city last August, Smart Works’ support has helped more than 60 per cent of its clients go on to succeed in securing jobs.

To celebrate its achievements, the charity partnered with MediaCom Birmingham to host an event, in a bid to recruit more volunteers and trustees to help support their work.

The event saw women from across the region come together to drive more support for the charity. Smart Works is a UK charity that is led by Lady Juliet Hughes-Hallett, and leading fashion designer and patron, Betty Jackson.

“First impressions are everything. We help women transform their looks and you see them blossom in front of you. But it’s not just their clothes that changes. When you make a woman look great and feel great, their confidence rockets. It’s this confidence that goes on to help them secure that job. It has a ripple effect on their lives and their families lives.”

Betty Jackson OBE


“For Smart Works to work, you need the women and you need the jobs. Birmingham has both. It’s a vibrant city that keeps growing, and is in the centre of everything. But you also need the support from businesses and corporations. MediaCom has been a great supporter for us. They’ve hosted this event for us, and they also hosted a similar event in their Manchester office last year. It’s a really valued partnership.”

Lady Juliet Hughes-Hallet

MediaCom has been working with Smart Works across the whole of the UK for a while now, taking part in fundraising activities, hosting events, providing clothes donations. It’s great to see our partnership with them develop.The impact that Smart Works has made in its first year has been incredible, and it’s an honour for us to support such a great charity.

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