Affiliate Marketing: The next big thing?

It’s often thought that to move forward we need something new and innovative, never before seen. But, whatever happened to the old adage of looking back to move forward? Many may assume traditional publishers such as The Telegraph would fit perfectly in the world of affiliate marketing but they have long since been in the echelons of digital marketing, out of reach for most affiliate marketers.

However, it seems the age of CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) is over for these publishing titans and they are looking towards the affiliate future. Due to decreasing CPM prices and falling revenue, these publishing houses are now looking outside of display to see how they can plug the gap of these online spends. Throughout 2016, we started to see many recognisable names in our publisher applications lists, including The Telegraph, Dennis Publishing and Time Inc.

The impact of this change is already showing in the figures. In a recent study by Affiliate Window, we saw year-on-year growth of 272% from these publishers in 2016. If we can truly harness the gravitas of these publishing houses and combine with spend efficiency of affiliate marketing (average ROAS £15:1) whilst also factoring in projected online spend in 2017 at £89.7billion, this undoubtedly presents a massive opportunity for advertisers in 2017.

It’s also worth noting that affiliate marketing is no small fry, in 2017 we are forecasting around £1.5bn of investment into the UK affiliate industry alone, as clients continue to ramp up their investments in performance led channels.

Sources: Ecommerce Sales UK, Affiliate Window

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