A media market update – an in-depth look at what’s been happening in VOD

Revenue forecast for 2017 +20%

New Group M research says ‘TV is as popular as ever but users are shifting away from live TV and towards streaming and catch up, whilst viewing on connected devices’.

GroupM Insight surveyed 2,000 national representatives aged 16+ during November 2016 in order to understand the place of the consumer in the current video landscape.

Results showed that the TV set (whether standard or smart), is still the preferred option to watch content, although the types of content varied significantly between Live, Catch Up & Streamed TV.

The research illustrated the difference of viewing habits across age ranges; younger age groups opt for portability and convenience whilst older groups remain loyal to the big screen.

56% of people are connected to the internet via TV vs. 21% in 2015. Games consoles are driving video viewership, especially amongst 16-24 year olds (53% owned a Playstation, 40% an Xbox), 8% of which preferred these devices to consume streamed video content and 3% for catch up services and YouTube. 16-24s also watched significantly less live TV; attributing 64% of their time to streamed and catch up video.

Furthermore, the survey results suggest that more attention is paid to content on catch-up television or streamed TV/video services than standard live TV formats; 35% paying full attention on recorded or catch up TV vs. 31% on live TV where viewers are more prone to use the internet, their phone or correspond with friends at the same time as “watching”.
These results suggest a large optimisation should be made towards online video and streaming presence across connected devices as audiences are watching content in increasingly fragmented ways.

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