5 Stars For The Pop-Up Campfire Feast

For this year's Edinburgh Festival jaunt the MediaCom Social Club decided to break from tradition and do something different.

So instead of propping us up in front of the ‘next big thing’ …. they gathered us up and took us off to an old biscuit factory in Leith to experience a Pop-Up Campfire Feast!

The old industrial building which had been adorned with camping paraphernalia was the perfect backdrop for the evening. It was cool in an ‘East London’ sort of way (if indeed ‘East London’ is still cool?!) and it’s airy open plan layout worked well for the large communal tables that had been set-up for the evening ahead.

We had 4 delicious courses delivered to our table and each course was a triumph, drawing on the flavours and nostalgia of an adventure by a campfire. I particularly loved the soup starter which came in a camping kettle along with a monster sized loaf of charcoal bread for us all to share, and the desert which included a table-top campfire and marshmallows for toasting.

Obviously being MediaCom’ers we put away a fair amount of alcohol. But even if the bar had served nothing but mugs of milky hot chocolate all night, it wouldn’t have mattered because somehow they had created that ‘all in it together’ spirit usually only associated with real campfire moments.

All in all the evening was original and fun and if I were an Edinburgh Festival critic – I would have billed it as a 5 star performance!

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