This summer the UK will be tuning in to UEFA EURO 2016 with France as the host nation

The tournament is bigger than ever, with 24 teams and more of the UK home nations competing than ever before. Between the 10th June and 10th July the nation will be swept up in following the biggest event of the year, with matches played at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm GMT across ITV, talkSPORT & BBC. With England, Wales, Northern Ireland & The Republic of Ireland in the tournament, we can expect huge interest from the public for these games.

TV viewing is expected to follow a similar trend to previous tournaments with the biggest interest around the opening match, highly ranked match ups and the final. The biggest attraction however will be around England’s performance which has previously dominated viewing. The 2014 World Cup saw England games with average audiences 2.27 times larger than the average World Cup match.

Competitions like the Euros tend to deliver audiences which are quite different to ‘standard’ football audiences. The profile for England, Wales & Northern Ireland games will be more in line with the natural delivery than the other games – with a more gender-neutral mix. Commanding presence in the games can come at large costs due to the size of the audience that advertisers will be able to reach.

There are, however, opportunities outside of the standard spot buy which could benefit a brand significantly. Agile advertisers will have the opportunity to leverage the excitement and buzz around key moments within the tournament (first goals, questionable decisions, incidents within the game) should they be reactive enough. This document provides insights into the tournament and opportunities for advertisers to have presence within the games.

Overall we are in for a fantastic month of excitement, heartache and nail-biting action. You can find out more about our UEFA insights, predictions and opportunities here and we will keep you posted on developments as the tournament progresses.

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