Pay Attention, Get Attention

In a world where attention shifts quickly, we have to get creative to capture it and turn it towards our brands. but a great idea can sink or swim by its delivery; the devil is in the detail.

One of the great philosophical thinkers of the 20th Century declared: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.

This side of the Millennium, our communal ability to step back and take things in has all but disappeared, and the legendary Ferris Bueller’s profound words ring more true than ever; especially when it comes to content marketing.

As online communication channels continue to evolve at a startling rate, it not only influences consumer behaviour, but how advertisers can and should speak to them.

Where once we were able to rely on a handful of channels to directly speak to people in their homes, ready and willing to hear our messages (and we knew just how to do it), we now stand in front of a complex communication system and a constantly distracted, moving target.

Now, even if we find our target audience, we’re not only competing with rival brands for their attention but with publishers, friends, cat videos, you name it.

In order to do so, we need to get creative. But where to start? The most important thing to bear in mind, is that WHERE we connect with people, should often change HOW we connect with them. The way content is delivered can vary wildly, as can the audience and their behaviour.

The biggest creative trend we are seeing at moment is people failing to recognise this.

Many brands are doing a great job in finding their way to the right audience but missing the opportunity to make it count by using the same assets on each channel and expecting the same results.

In a world where communications channels have become so sophisticated, how can the solution be that simple? The truth is, it isn’t. When it comes to content, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

What might shine on one touch-point, may get lost in another. Today, the majority of content is not being optimised for the environment in which it is being consumed, which can have a dramatic impact on two things:

1) its ability to capture attention

2) how effective it is as advertising It’s time to pay more attention, to make your assets work harder and spend go further… starting this time next week. Stay tuned.

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