A media market update – an in-depth look at what’s been happening in: Cinema: revenue forecast flat YoY

2015 was an amazing year for cinema, and 2016 is set to be another strong year. In 2015 cinema proved to be impactful and profitable, with UK cinema admissions up 9% to 171.9m, which was the 4th largest since 1973. We also saw the highest ever UK box office takings of £1,240m. The industry is expecting admissions to hit a predicted 170m in 2016, and cinema revenues are on course to rise 25% YOY.

Cinema has shown itself to be a strong contender for making brands memorable, and we are expecting this trend to continue. Advertising in big blockbusters like Star Wars, which was the biggest UK release ever pulls in big numbers and exposes brands to mass audiences. Family films continue to perform extremely well attracting a variety of audiences. Of the top 10 movies of 2015, 3 of those were family films. The three films which broke into the top 10 included Minions which had a box office of £47.7m, Inside Out £39.2m, and Home which achieved £25.3m. This year looks set to be equally strong, with Finding Dory predicted to deliver £30m, and Steven Spielberg’s Roald Dahl adaptation The BFG predicted to do £22m.

The popularity of Cinema is definitely at an all-time high, and given the current industry predictions for this year, the sales houses are enthusiastic that the success the industry had last year will continue this year.

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