Cinemas Gold Spot – Now ‘On Sale’ to Advertisers

The most prestigious position in the cinema reel is finally free from its long term constraints.

As we settle in to Valentines weekend, and consider watching one of the films of the moment at a trip to the Cinema, we can bask in the knowledge that the ‘Gold Spot’ (the 60″ spot that runs immediately before the start of a film) is finally now up for grabs for brands outside of a fixed, long-term contract.

This incredibly prestigious position in the cinema reel is now available for advertisers to buy across a shorter campaign period, rather than being tied into a fixed contract for a year or more, and it is the first time in 13 years the Gold Spot has been sold in such a flexible and targeted way.

This is big news as it enables advertisers to buy into a particular film or range of suitable films, rather than being the sponsor across all non-kids films for the whole year. The 60″ Gold Spot position gives immense standout for the advertiser, as it runs immediately before the start of the film and has been owned by Orange and, more recently, EE for over a decade.

With 2015 looking as if it will be one of the biggest years in cinema history, with blockbusters such as Bond 24: Spectre, Star Wars: Episode VII, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, The Minions 3D, Fifty Shades Of Grey and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, there couldn’t be a better time to sell the Gold Spot in such a manner.

The two sales houses (DCM & Pearl & Dean) have already started selling the premium position on an ad-hoc basis and it is, unsurprisingly, already proving popular.

Cinema provides a unique viewing experience and premium environment and we believe this year is going to be a great one for the medium, which has gone from strength to strength since switching to digital; making it more flexible, varied and compelling than ever before, and we are excited about getting more of our brands on board.

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