MediaCom UK ranks #1 agency in the latest Gunn Report

If you work in media and/or advertising, you will have heard of the Gunn Report which comes out every year and tracks, and then ranks, the performance of the world’s best campaigns, agencies and brands across 30 global, regional and national media awards.

Today, the 2018 report has launched and I was hugely chuffed to see the rankings within the Gunn Media 100 (which rewards media excellence). MediaCom UK has ranked as the #1 agency in the world, and MediaCom as a whole named the top global network. Our parent company WPP also topped the of the list of holding companies.

Not only that, but of the top 100 campaigns over the last year, 14 were MediaCom-led and we took up three of the top 10 places. My Australian colleagues ranked second for their work with Snickers on the Hungerithm campaign. While in the UK, our campaign for NHS (Missing Type) landed in the top 100. Adding to that, Universal’s Singing Our Way to the Top of the Box Office, Shell’s Best Day of My Life and Gucci’s Dark to Light, all run internationally out of the UK, also ranked in the top 100.

Our aims and our work

I’m always honest about my main aim for MediaCom UK – I want us to be seen, known and acknowledged (even if begrudgingly by our competitors) as the world’s #1 media agency. Not the best in the UK, but the best in the world. And I truly believe we have the talent here to achieve this!

While there is still work to be done, the effort the team have put in over the last year has been incredible to be part of and I want to thank them here. Together, we have genuinely delivered some of the most creative work I’ve ever been part of in my career.

For example NHS Missing Type saw the As, Os and Bs removed from names, places and brands across the UK and from that idea came a national phenomenon with media coverage in the hundreds, over 1,000 brands taking part and over half a million donors. It wasn’t just a great creative campaign, it was a smart campaign that really mattered, and made a difference to people’s lives.

The future

The campaigns highlighted in the Gunn Media 100 report are just a few examples of the brilliant work we are producing across the agency, which the entire team should feel hugely proud off.

Whether it’s a brilliant concept, a smart use of audience insight or a brilliant use of digital platforms, the work executed over the last 12 months has constantly delivered for our clients and it’s great to have been acknowledged by the industry.

We’re working with some brilliant brands and with the talent we have here – and across the world – I know we’ll continue to bring the best work to our clients.

The key for us now is to keep pushing. Digital and data are a massive priority for us this year. We are already delivering great digital campaigns for clients, and we weave data into everything we do – audience insights can absolutely make-or-break a campaign. But we want to be even better and make sure we are pushing the boundaries and innovating the way we create and actually execute campaigns. The world is digital, so we need to make sure we’re the same.

The need to keep striving for new ways of doing things is driven by a constantly changing media industry. We have all of the ingredients in place to not just adapt to that, but be at the forefront of it. The Gunn Media 100 is a great indication of that.

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