This week we speak to Mariama Jelman, Global Associate Director and member of one of our new ERGs.

Tell us about the ERGs and what you do:

Earlier this year MediaCom set up Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to help represent various groups within our agency community. The groups are a resource for the volunteer members and the rest of MediaCom to connect around a shared identity, experience or interests. We have a number of ERGs in place, representing faith, ethnicity, the LGBTQ+ community, age, gender and disabilities. We also have our Mental Health Allies scheme. The ERGs are involved in and run a number of activities, celebrating diversity, community building and educating, enhancing skills and advising internal policies.

I’m part of the Gender ERG, or Every Gender Everyone. That is an important point to raise, as gender issues affect everyone and it’s our core belief that for everyone to reach their potential at MediaCom, we need an environment where everyone can be themselves, without being judged and where all opportunities are open regardless of gender.

How long has Every Gender Everyone been running?

Our ERG has been going for around 5 months now. We’ve spent quite a lot of the first few months identifying where we can add the most value because gender impacts everyone. We’re really hoping to ensure that men and women are both openly accessing parental leave, celebrating their families and the blend of work and life. We want to make stories around male parenting more visible empowering men to make use of the scheme and which in turn can support women in the workplace.

We’re also keen to explore access to flexible working as that can be transformative to employees’ lives; helping them free up time to pursue additional qualifications/ interests, care for members of their family, balance health requirements etc. Whatever the need may be.

What does your specific role entail?

As we started as quite a small group, I’ve been involved in helping to recruit new members. We’ve worked organically as a team to come up with our manifesto and areas we want to tackle and we’re finally getting to a point where we’ll need to create more formal roles and responsibilities amongst our group.

What are some of the greatest outcomes you’ve seen as a result of your team’s work?

We’ve been busy gathering insight for the last few months but people at MediaCom should expect to hear more from us in the next few months.

Shameless plug alert, if you’re interested in joining the Every Gender Everyone ERG then please do get in touch!

What is your favourite thing about working at MediaCom?

I’ve been at MediaCom close to 15 years now. For me it’s such an amazing place to work and that’s all down to the people. I’m so glad that we have our People First Better Results positioning, as it really spans everything we do and initiatives such as the ERGs are a real testament to that.

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