Relevance Audit

Relevance Audit


Driving Relevance to accelerate growth

At Creative Systems we drive brand Relevance to accelerate growth. We do this by making brands more Culturally, Personally and Platform Relevant. But how do we know if a brand has a Relevance problem?

The Relevance Audit is our data-driven diagnostic process

We assess a brand’s Cultural Relevance (asking questions such as: are people talking about it? Or are they thinking about it before others when in market?). Personal Relevance (are they receiving personally relevant messages from it?). And Platform Relevance (is the brand’s digital content seen as relevant by both people and platform algorithms).

Giving clients confidence they are making the right choices

By starting with data-driven understanding of where a brand is today in relation to the rest of the category, we’re able to identify opportunities for brand growth and advise on which areas of Relevance we should be focusing on.

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