Data and Tech Consultation

The amount of data available to marketers has grown exponentially. Whilst this has created significant growth competitive advantage for brands that have embraced this new way of applying data in recent times it has become increasingly complex to navigate how best to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by data and technology. Concerns around consumer privacy, the deprecation of identifiers that we have become accustomed to or the rise of the large data ecosystems and platforms have made a brands approach to using data and technology more important than ever. Whoever implements and activates the data and technology in the smartest way will win over the upcoming years. MediaCom's Data, Technology & Digital Analytics consultation teams are on-hand to help.

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When it comes to data the industry is in a state of flux. Whether it’s how to tackle consumer privacy concerns, implement solutions in a cookieless world or onboard 1st party data into the large walled garden ecosystems brands require expertise to help extract maximum value out of their major asset – 1st party data. Through our data strategy consultation services we offer a range of services and products to support you on the data journey. Services range from how to connect and activate 1st party data within media channels and platforms, unlock value out of new data partnerships or ensuring you apply the ethical use of data, our data strategists are on hand to help.

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The growing number of technology platforms within the marketing world continues to explode. One only needs to look at the latest Lumascape to understand how many different partners, across a number of different areas of specialism now exist. The choice of platforms is akin to a child in a sweetshop. If you require help understanding what technology to invest in and how do I extract maximum value out of my technology investment then MediaCom’s technology consultants are available to support. From services such as technology platform selection, implementation, utilisation and innovation we are able to equip you with the right technology platforms to deliver business success.

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It’s a challenging time to be a brand. It’s becoming harder to identify, target and measure audiences due to the seismic change the industry is going through (emphasis on consumer privacy, the deprecation of identity and the rising power of walled gardens). With the increased importance of succeeding in the major digital platforms (Google, Amazon and Facebook) brands are increasing using the same technology, to buy the same off-the-shelf audiences, across the same inventory, using the same algorithms and optimized via the same measurement protocols.

To win moving forward, brands need to deliver competitive advantage through taking advantage of your own 1st party data. Our digital analysts are on hand to help. Through identifying the right metrics to measure via digital measurement frameworks, unlocking value out of web analytics platforms and delivering competitive advantage through the use of advanced analytics we have a number of services and products that can give you the competitive edge in a digital platform world.

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