Our People

Tom Curtis

Managing Partner, Executive Creative Director
In MBA the focus is on ensuring that content makes a difference. First and foremost that difference must be a positive impact on our clients’ business. But the best content can make a difference in the wider world as well.

Tom joined MediaCom way back in 2000 with an art degree and a 2-year stint at another agency under his belt. Since then he’s had six very distinct roles: Planner, Head of Visualisation, Joint Head of MediaCom Create, Creative Director, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising UK and the newly created Executive Creative Director (whatever some of the those mean). As a merged UK and Worldwide department specialising in content creation, production and distribution, the MBA London team is responsible for the delivery of projects for both local market and international clients.

Although now in a directorial role, Tom still loves a bit of Photoshop.

What’s your favourite ad campaign of all time?

At MediaCom, and especially MBA, we talk ‘content’ not just ads so I’m going to choose one of the most obvious and biggest examples of brand content the world has seen. Displaying thousands of pieces of product in literally every frame, in 100 minutes of entertainment watched by a paying audience of millions, is some feat. Yep – it’s Lego Movie.

Richard Davies
Paul Cooper