Our People

Danny Donovan

Managing Director, Retail and Commerce
Working for many years with retailers we know that change is a constant, but more than that we need to regard change as a friend and an opportunity. The media world is very similar, and those who embrace change thrive. But we must also recognise that some fundamentals stay the same. In retail that means harnessing the Four Corners of Commerce; Cost, Convenience, Colleagues and Community. From a wider perspective it means understanding your audience, targeting them accurately, and offering a clear and differentiated proposition from your competition.

Danny joined MediaCom in 2011 charged with launching a retail specialist team. That team now represents over £350m in billing for some of the UK and worlds leading retail and commerce brands. In 2014 Danny took on additional responsibilities as Joint Managing Director of MediaCom in London and added the Sky account to his portfolio. In March, 2019, Danny took on the role of Managing Director, Retail and Commerce. In this position, he will focus on growing the company's presence in this space.

Prior to joining MediaCom, Danny was Managing Director of Initiative Media in the UK having spent 15 years working in the IPG network helping Tesco rise to become a global retail powerhouse. His 30 year agency career also includes Saatchi & Saatchi, Zenith and MEC .

What’s your favourite ad campaign of all time?

My mum would say I was a sucker for advertising from a young age. Sadly this led to a bedroom filled with MFI furniture! The campaign I could watch again and again would be the Dudley Moore “Man from Tesco” ads from the early 90’s and his seemingly endless quest to find the best free range chickens.

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